Apple TV 4 Orders Begin Shipping for October 30 and First wave will Delivery in begining of Nov

Roughly 24 hours after orders for the new Apple TV began shifting to “Preparing for Shipment” status, Apple has begun notifying customers that their orders have shipped. Early reports so far all appear to be from Australia where it is currently the afternoon of October 29, and deliveries are scheduled for Friday, October 30. Shipment notifications for customers in other countries should begin rolling out in the coming hours as the clocks roll around into business hours on Thursday.apple_tv_4_shipped
Apple began taking orders for the Apple TV on Monday, with the earliest deliveries being quoted Friday, October 30 arrival dates. Apple’s own retail stores are also expected tobegin carrying the new Apple TV on Friday, with other retailers such as Best Buy apparently not seeing availability until next week.Press reviews of the new Apple TV landed just a few hours ago, with the new set-top box generally receiving a positive response for its evolutionary advances, although it does not yet completely remake the television experience as many have been hoping for Apple to do for a number of years. One key feature of the new Apple TV is the tvOS App Store, however, and we’ve yet to really see how developers will embrace the new platform that opens up apps to the living room.
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