KL5 Lamp Speaker

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Charging Input: DC5V – 1000mAh;

Battery: Built-in Lithium Battery, 3.7V/4000mAh

Charging Time: 4 Hours

Battery Life: 21 Hours by Music; 180 hours on micro gentle; 8 hours on high gentle

Lamp Power: 1.5W

Subject matter: ABS/PP, Aluminum alloy

Size: 8.5cm * 14cm


Package Contains :

1 * LED Lamp Stereo Speaker

1 * USB Charging Cable

1 * User Guide

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Product Description

Click to buy on Amazon with 50% off Coupon Code: LS4TECJ6

  • An original design from young talent designer, built with an emphasis on simplicity and mindfulness to compliment any environment.
  • Our priority above all else with the KewlKit KL5 is quality sound. Enjoy your favorite songs as they were meant to be heard in their purest form with crisp stereo speakers.
  • Bring your music to life with Dynamic Color Change Mode. Light up your world with an unlimited range of colors to choose from.
  • LED Clock is conveniently displayed with essential alarm function capabilities for bedside use. Switch between four levels of brightness with a simple touch to adjust lighting to your preference.
  • Unique design make it as amazing gift for holiday, birthday, wedding and anniversary. You can get KewlKit products with manufacturer warranty and customer servic


User Manual

KL05 Lamp Speaker

Download PDF version: KL5 Lamp Speaker user manual

Outlook Description

1. General Functional Description

1.1 Power On/Off

Long press button on with three seconds to Turn On/Off the power of deivce.

1.2 Lamp On/Off:

During on power on status, Long press the button at the top for three seconds to turn on/off the lamp light.

1.3 Dimmer switch:

The Brightness can be adjusted by clicking the lamp button . The brightness five grades: micro brightness, low brightness, intermediate brightness, high brightness, and RGB color light.

1.4 Reset Function

Use needle to press the “RESET” button at the bottom when the light or speaker operates failed and the speaker or light will restart.

1.5 Charging

Please make sure the speaker is fully charged in first use. Low level of battery shall trigger light flash and voice prompt “battery is nearly empty, time to re-charge”. Charge the speaker with standard Micro USB cable which is compatible with any computer or cell phone charger.The battery icon will flash while charging, and the battery icon will be steady when full charged.

1.6 Power Save model

If Lamp speaker was in the idle status (neither lamp was off nor speaker was not in used) while power is on, it will automatically turn off the LED screen by saving an power. Press lamp button to wake up the speaker.

2. LED Screen Functional Description

2.1 Calendar and Clock Setting

Click the Clock setting on the bottom to activate calendar and clock settings. The display will flash indicating the current option, and bring set in the order of: year, month, day, and time, in each case press or to adjust to correct number. Press to switch between each of order, and/or exit after setting was done.

2.2 Alarm Setting

Click on the bottom to active the alarm. The display will flicker to show which numbers are being changed, then click or to adjust the clock number you like to set, click turn to the minute setting, then adjust the minute number you like. Afterwards, click to quit the alarm setting.

2.3 Alarm behalf
The alarm will sound up and turn to RGB color light when alarming, simple touch button “ ” to turn off alarming.
Notice: alarm will remain activate even lamp speaker is on power off model, until user Press to deactivate alarm.

3. Speaker Functional Description

3.1 Bluetooth Mode
Initial turn on the power, the speaker will come into Bluetooth mode and prompt sounds as “Pairing on” by also indicate character “BT” shall flash rapidly on LED Screen for 10 minutes. During this period you shall able to connect the Bluetooth speaker to with Bluetooth enabled device.

3.2 Bluetooth Pairing
Step 1: Open the Bluetooth setting on your phone or tablet and click “search device”, or device shall search for Bluetooth devices automatically if device was per-enable Bluetooth.
Step 2: Bluetooth speaker shall appear as character “Lightspeaker L5″, click on it in your device to pair the connection.
Step 3: Enter “0000” and click OK if there’s a prompt that requires you to enter a password.
Step 4: The phone or tablet will indicate when the pairing is successful. The “BT” character display on the LED screen shall stop flickering.

3.3 Music Playing/switch
Open the player device when the connection is successful,Click to play music, and the Bluetooth speaker will play the music. Short press button on the Bluetooth speaker for to play/pause .
During on Music Playing model, short press switch to next song, or short press switch to previous song.

3.4 Volume Change
During on speaker playing model, Long Press to volume up or to volume down.

3.5 Bluetooth Hands free Call
While smartphone has connecting with Bluetooth speaker, there will be an alert sound from the speaker and RGB light will appears on when there is an incoming call, Press “ ” to answer and hang up the phone.

3.6 Sleep Mode
Click at the bottom when the lamp is on, the sleep mode function was activated. There are the “10 minutes” “20 minutes” “30 minutes” “40 minutes” “50 minutes” “60 minutes” “90 minutes” “120 minutes” sleep mode for choose. The lamp and speaker will turn off automatically after the choosing sleep mode time.
Long press button and the sleep mode will be deactivated.

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  1. 5 out of 5


    This is definitely beyond my expectation! I compared it with other bluetooth speakers I got from Amazon, and this one definitely stands out!

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